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We offer the first South African designed, developed and manufactured Virtual and Snake Queue Management Systems. Qus queue systems have been built with the African market in mind, making our solutions extremely price competitive when weighed up against global service providers. We have listened to market needs, avoiding bloated software and unnecessary costs by eliminating modules designed for an over- complicated environment. Our queue systems give you the tools to manage and improve queue flow, customer experience, and staff performance. Qus queue systems are simple to install, operate, and should it be required we have the capability of working closely with clients to provide a customised and integrated solution. Our queue systems show customers where to go and shares valuable information with them while they wait in the queue. All our systems are SADC approved.
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Snake Queue

Snake Queue Systems, also known as a linear queue or queue-in-line, are commonly created where a queue is formed in a fixed, predictable position, such as at supermarket checkouts, banks, or airport security, etc.

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Virtual Queue

Virtual Queue Systems, also known as electronic queue management or ticketing queue systems, are used in environments where queues are formed in unpredictable and varying locations and directions.

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Instant Alerts

Get notified in real-time when customers require assistance or have had a negative experience, or when the store is busier than usual.

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Get key customer insight, staff and management response times, and foot traffic information by email or web dashboard.

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Customer Feedback

Telus offers a variety of solutions to gather valuable customer satisfaction and experience Feedback as well as the voice of the customer, in-store.

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Footfall Counting

Keep track of how many customers enter areas of interest in your stores. Specialized wireless sensors count customers, giving you valuable insight into busy times and areas.

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